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Shrink Wrap Christchurch

Erect Scaffolding LTD, Shrink Wrap Solutions Christchurch and Canterbury Region. Commercial Shrink Wrap Christchurch and Canterbury, Residential Shrink Wrap Christchurch and Canterbury.

Inspect a building which is encased in scaffolding and then shrink wrapped; ou’re likely to think that a team of mathematical engineers have performed the complicated task – with the result looking like something from a sci-fi movie.

Sebastiaan Bastiaanse is the director of Erect Scaffolding Christchurch and he is a man passionate about being exact. Each piece of the scaffolding puzzle (including a safety plan) is thought out prior to the commencement of the job, allowing Sebastiaan’s team to apply their intricate masterpieces to buildings all around Canterbury.

Depending on your requirements, the emerging outer construction is a steel web, connected with purpose-built steel platforms, edge and roof protection, guard rails and then enclosed by shrink wrap.

The use of shrink wrap creates a whole new dimension in scaffolding. It enables the structure to be protected against all weathers (reducing site downtime) and contains dust, water, paint fumes and other pollutants. It’s drum-tight, so doesn’t flap or come loose, can be custom cut and welded on the spot and enables work to carry on ‘inside’ to get your job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

For the team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch, it’s all part of a skilled procedure which has a strong focus on strict health and safety processes. This adherence to the new government safety regulations (MBIE/Department of Labour and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) means your scaffolding job is in very safe hands.

Call the team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch for all your residential, commercial, industrial or civil scaffolding requirements. We are experts in supplying:

  • Platforms
  • Edge Protection
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Roof Protection
  • On-site Fencing
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Propping.

Honey, I shrink-wrapped the building!

Shrink Wrap Christchurch Canterbury Erect Scaffolding LTD

Shrink Wrap Christchurch

Erect scaffolding LTD, for  Shrink Wrap Christchurch and Canterbury Area. Residential Shrink Wrap Solutions Christchurch, Commercial Shrink Wrap Solutions Christchurch Canterbury.

The Team:

Friendliness and professionalism personified.

We’ve already introduced Sebastiaan Bastiaanse as director of Erect Scaffolding Christchurch, but what you might not know is that Sebastiaan is a builder with 30 years’ hands-on experience in all aspects of exterior plastering. He’s trade qualified in both Solid Plaster and Proprietary Plaster Cladding Systems and is a licensed building practitioner.

Standing alongside Sebastiaan are senior members Jesse Campbell (senior supervisor), Korban Bastiaanse (supervisor) and Sam Freeman (senior tradesman). These clever guys are all qualified with the SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand Inc.) Scaffolding Certificate of Competence and National Certificate in Scaffolding as well as holding first aid certificates and the mandatory health and safety certifications.

  • Jesse’s right up there (literally) in the scaffolding world, with five years’ scaffold supervising experience and a National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding (Level 5), a National Certificate in Suspended Scaffolding (Level 4) and a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Suspended Advanced.
  • Korban’s also scaling the heights of excellence with four years’ scaffold experience and has a National Certificate in Intermediate Scaffolding (Level 4). Korban holds a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Intermediate.
  • Sam Freeman is the man to call when you require some practical thinking backed up by four years’ scaffold experience and a National Certificate in Elementary Scaffolding (Level 3). Sam holds a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Level 3.

Also out in the field are a crew of talented and hard-working individuals, police checked and Site Safe Building Construction Passport holders, who make the difference in completing your job on time, within budget and with public and personnel safety paramount.

Our experience says it all

Shrink Wrap Canterbury Region
Shrink Wrap Erect Scaffolding LTD Christchurch Canterbury

Erect Scaffolding LTD, Commercial and Residential Shrink Wrap Plastic Christchurch and Canterbury.

Commercial and Residential Shrink Wrap Christchurch:

All wrapped up and ready for action.

Commercial Shrink Wrap Christchurch and  Canterbury

Large-scale projects usually call for a heavy-duty response. Not that the team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are heavy-handed in their application of this durable, weather-proof Shrink Wrap plastic.

In fact, their attention to detail coupled with a definite finesse in the procedure becomes even more apparent when working with big, complex and incredibly safety conscious jobs such as:

  • Office blocks
  • Demolition sites
  • Retail outlets
  • Industrial enterprise
  • Subdivisions.

Shrink Wrap is the ideal option for these projects because of the need to get your part of the deal underway and completed within deadline. Our team recognise that a hold up in production due to bad weather can undermine the timeline schedule of the construction process … and consequently, impinge on cost and labour efficiencies.

With public safety (and opinion) always front of mind, Shrink Wrap is a reliable solution to the problem of ensuring paint fumes, contaminants, dust, falling objects and other debris are kept contained.

Domestic Shrink Wrap Christchurch and  Canterbury

On the slightly smaller end of the construction scale, Shrink Wrap is a fantastic option which can be utilised for all new home builds, rebuilds or renovations.

Time is always of the essence with any construction project. Keeping the job on the go without interruptions is the dream of any homeowner or building company, your customer wants to be in their home by a certain time, no buts!

Shrink Wrap will keep things on a roll, minimising delays and giving your client the assurance that things are progressing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our team can provide the means to enclose your building to the ultimate degree of safety and enable contractors and tradesmen easy access to a work friendly environment.

We are skilled in the application of Shrink Wrap for:

  • New and existing homes
  • Rebuilds
  • Renovations
  • Subdivisions
  • Apartments.

We’ll sign, seal and deliver

Site-Safe-Member Erect Scaffolding LTD Canterbury

Health and Safety:

Serious about safety.

There’s a long and detailed scaffolding safety protocol of which The Health and Safety at Work Act, 2016 is a ruling directive. The idea is to reduce the number of workplace injuries and death toll – a company objective that Erect Scaffolding Christchurch take very much to heart.

We have both a Safety Officer with Site Safe qualifications (Site Safe Passport and Leadership in Safety) and a Health and Safety Representative who provides staff support, Site Safe audits and keeps the team knowledgeable and up to date with our health and safety policy and operations guide.

When working from (sometimes extreme) heights, the danger element is also extreme. Risk management is a documented policy that every team member at Erect Scaffolding is well versed in, and each employee is provided with health and safety training and first aid certification.

The Scaffolding Certificate of Competence and National Certificate in Scaffolding are held by our team leaders and the company safety plan is communicated to all staff prior to the start of the job.

A Site Safe checklist is used on every project. This ensures that hazards have been identified, and that scaffold has been inspected and erected by a certified worker. All our employees hold Building Construction Passports through Site Safety and a Full Task Analysis is completed prior to our onsite commencement.

To top it all off, all our staff are police checked for the security of your property … and your peace of mind.

We couldn’t get much safer!


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